• Voiceover Artist and trainer from Pune

    Randomly Resonating... Silent noises
    By Voiceover artist Prateek Sharma



Thank you so much for coming to my Web site. I am a Voiceover artist..Public Speaker..Narrator..Storyteller with over 10 years of rich experience in running radio shows, public speaking and theatre. All of this and much more has helped me in reading the bigger picture not visible in the script otherwise.
I have helped lots and lots of brands present their stories in an effective way to their audience. I have lent my voice to advertisements of big brands, Television documentaries, E-learning/ Explainer videos, audiobooks, corporate videos and much more. As a public speaker my favorite topics relate to futurism, technology, Metaworld, spirituality and science. That’s not it!!! I love helping budding radio jockeys, voiceover artists in learning the art of speaking on microphone and handling gadgets present in a recording room. Conducting group workshops on voiceover and public speaking is a regular in and around Pune, Mumbai. Not to forget, For those who are far away.. I am available through skype and webinar sessions!!
For those who prefer personalized coaching, feel free to contact me. I would love to meet you and chart out a personalized session plan for you !! Now come on, pick up that phone 
Always in awe of how the known and unknown define the universe, I seek the random reverberations..cosmic sounds.. silent noises around us.
Contact me to know what all I can bring to your party !!!!



Voiceover Artist