Top 10 Things Voiceover Artist should ask the client before signing a project

You should be wondering as to what questions to ask your client before signing a voiceover project. Well here is an answer to all your questions. These tips can help you understand your work goal better. 


 dubbing and voiceover artistA voiceover artist should ask the client few basic business questions that will help him to understand his work better. This article is written with the intention to educate a novice voiceover artist to handle his project in a more professional manner.  

Top 10 Things a Voiceover Artist should ask the client 

Nature of the Project: It is essential to understand as to where your voiceover be used. This understanding will define the way you will handle your work. 

Estimated Word Count of the Final Audio Limit: This will actually help to understand the time needed to complete the project as also you should be able to provide the proper quote to client regarding the costing. 

Project Deadline: It is essential to know the project deadline as without that idea you will not be able to understand the project end date. Remember, the shorter the deadline, more will be the price. 

Audio format that the client prefers: There are various types of audio format like mp3 or wav files etc. Hence you should clearly know from the client as to in what format you should deliver the work. You should also take approval of the way you would hand over the file. 

Style and modulation of Voice: Style determines the tone of voice. The style can be conversational, hard selling or formal to name a few. You should be clear about the preference of the client and this will help you to meet the client’s requirement very easily. 

Contact details of the Client:  You should take the contact details of the project manager, whom you will deliver the projects. Also in case of reaching a client representative, you should contact this person.  

Mode of Payment:  There are various ways of paying. You may prefer to be paid in 30 to 50% advance and wait for the rest on the project completion. In certain cases, where you trust the client, you may even go for payment upon delivery.

Changes needed after the recording: You should have an agreement signed by the client regarding the retakes and the changes that the client desires to make. 

How did client get your reference? It is always good to know few things like where from the client got your reference. This kind of audits will help you to have a better insight of your marketing efforts. 

Client’s feedback: It is probably the most important and satisfying thing to do. You can benefit out of it in many ways. Most importantly, you will have an idea of the reforms that you need to make regarding your work. This will in turn help you to develop as a voiceover artist. 

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