Different types of Voiceover Style

Voice over is a fabrication proficiency where a voice is used in a radio, television, production, filmmaking, theatre or other presentations. The voiceover is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialized dubbing and voiceover artist. The Voiceover Industry is global and there are lots of opportunities to do many different types of voice over work. In fact most freelance voiceover artists do many different types of voice over work in any given time. This is what makes the work of voice over artist so exhilarating. Nowadays there is more rooms for much wider variety of styles than even before in the history of voiceover industry. With the emergence of the internet and easy to use audio editing software, new markets are continuously being created and inflated upon. The following are some genres of voiceover styles to be aware of when seeking for a dubbing and voiceover artist for your project.

  • Corporate: Voiceover artists for corporate videos work in the corporate world. “Explainer” or promotional videos that appear on a companies or person’s website, explaining a product or service have the voices of dubbing and voiceover artist in training videos, promotional materials and human resource videos. They also work for trade shows as announcers. They can work for airports, stadiums, train stations, malls and other large public places.
  • Films and Promos: Voice artists can have a large and small part in films or voiceover artists for news channel. Trailers of course are promotional pieces for films. Promos are essentially commercials for TV shows as they appear in between shows to promote what’s coming up. This is an extremely competitive genre. Comparatively few spots for newbie’s, as most people who have those jobs, keep those jobs. Super lucrative as it tends to be ongoing work. You have to have a voice that “cuts through” as they say – meaning a strong voice that will be heard over music and sound effects.
  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement): The voices you hear in the background of movies or dialogue that needs to be replaced on a film. For background work, you have to be very well-versed in a wide variety of subjects to be able to successfully pull off talking realistically about whatever people would be talking about This is a pretty difficult one to get into as well, as most people work in a loop group or team of people and the same teams are hired over and over again. This pays very well but you’d really have to have a knack for this kind of thing and a lot of focused direction to get into a successful working group.
  • Games and Animation: Character and animation work is fun for many voice artists. Video games are a hugely growing industry. They speak like a child to make toys or cartoons come alive. A sturdy instrument is a must, as there is usually a lot of screaming and dying to do. Toys are a niche industry that encompasses talking dolls and games for youngsters. This is the most competitive, smallest niche of the voiceover world. Many animation people are also writers and or comedians. It helps to be really quick witted, to be able to ad-lib and be funny while staying real. Everyone wants these jobs. If this is your heart’s desire, go for it.

The clear, appropriate and creative delivery of audio or visual message helps to hook the attention of listeners and viewers from beginning to end. If you are in search of a professional voiceover talent in India, feel free to contact Prateek Sharma. His one-to-one voiceover training will help to fine tune your voice and provide you with a competitive edge.