How Technology is affecting the Voiceover Industry

It seems that the highly rewarding and lucrative voice-over industry, is now being interrupted by technology as more and more voice over jobs are going to online sites. Voiceover artists who are technically sound are setting up home studios and they are able to deliver a decent product. The industry is shifting from expensive recording studios, to voiceover artists home setup studio that can deliver the client with equivalent sound quality, at less thanhalf the cost of conventional casting methods. 

Voiceover websites make the job easier, convenient and more cost efficient. Voiceover artists that do not know how to properly record and develop the product using these new devices and home setups would soon go extinct and are anyway facing tedious competition from technically skilled voiceover artists. Voiceover artists with home studios will be able to do more recordings per day than artists that have to depend on studios available on rent. Less traveling means more productivity, and faster turn-around time. More productivity means artists can sell their voice at lower prices to voice seekers, and a more stable income for the voiceover artists. You can think of it as the industrial revolution of the voiceover market. Most of the websites catering to Voiceover services have seen revenue from voiceover jobs grow exponentially.  Testimonials from real client show they are happy with these websites as they have made their job easier and more cost efficient. They can easily look forthe kind of voice they require i.e Voiceover for Advertisement, Voiceover artist for Corporate Videosand write to them for free audition. If they like their work they can confirm them jobs and all these in click of fingers from the comfort of their own office.

With growing technology and usage of online applications the requirement to use human voice is growing rapidly. The boom in Video games Industry, e-learning and online courses, youtube videos, talking toys all require voicever services. We can easily say that these services are required for people from all age groups and this less known industry shows no indication of slowing down. You Tubers can now hire voice actors at affordable rates. Homemade YouTube videos of cooking recipes, online educational courses, rhymes and storytelling for children can now feature voice actors at affordable rates something that would have cost very high in the past, demanding time for auditions, studio booking etc. Thanks to the casting technology websites, clients in the Britain can now have immediate access to a voice over artist in India, in any city.  

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