Is it important to have a good voice for a successful voice over career?

Voice over is a type of officious or off-camera dialogue. Although the intended audience can hear this dialogue, the individual doing the voice over is usually not seen in a production. Mostly heard and not seen, professional voiceover actors play an important role in selling products and helping animated characters come alive in movies and television shows.

Voice work requires a high degree of vocal versatility as well as attention to detail. Voiceover artists might contribute their talent to audio books, cartoons, commercials or video games and also on the radio as a disc jockey or talk show host. While radio and television provide many opportunities for voice-over work, actors are also needed to voice instructional DVDs for a wide range of products. As prime concern, voice over artists for new channel must have a good voice. However, they should also be able to read and speak well. Usually, this means that they need to read whatever script that's put in front of them with the right attitude and tone. Based on the project type, a voice-over artist might be called upon to read scripts several different ways. For instance, a voice-over artist working on a public service message, on the other hand, may be asked to convey a message in such a way that it creates an emotional impact on its listeners.

While there is no standard educational background for voice actors, many actors seeking voice work have training in stage acting. Different recordings will also require various voice personalities. Thus, you need to work with someone who possesses a range of voice qualities, from energetic and casual, to smooth and formal, depending on the requirement of the project.

A good voice is evidently one of the most important things to consider when a voice-over career is your voice, so in order to start this type of career, your voice should obviously be one of your best assets. There are certain measures to be taken in order to maintain a good voice for a successful voice over career. Let’s start with the apparent one: a great voice over artist needs a great voice and the talent to use it. That's true, and you need to learn and practice how to use your voice. Authorize your gear so that instead of worrying about room-hum, clicks and echo, you can focus instead on the creative — the ability to express even dull subjects in a way that catches the interest of listeners. Next the point comes is, you might have a great voice and strong technical skills, but without the ability to listen, you may have trouble finding projects and the ones who have the skills are usually known for the clear quality and flexibility of their respective voices. Enunciation is the manner of pronouncing words correctly and clearly.

This is very crucial as it can make or break the entire recording project. A clear voice can only be able to pronounce all of the words correctly and to enunciate them in a clear and confident manner. Also, successful voice over artists are skilled at managing their time to maximize their productivity.

So, you have a great voice, perfect enunciation and pacing, and are flexible enough to take direction and deliver exactly what the director needs. However, unless you harness those talents to turn in great work on a schedule, again and again, you’ll have a hard time establishing a reputation as someone directors want to work with. The quirk of the most successful voice over artists might seem like high hurdles to jump, but it boils down to this: a successful voice over artist is committed to using their talent to give video creators what they need, when they need it. If you can do that, time-after-time, you’re golden.

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